of heart and mind

by Joke Debaere As my presence on stage has been fairly silent the past 4 months and will be more silent than usual in the coming ones, I wanted to give you some news about the novel I am writing, which is the reason for the break I am taking from the stage. I can … Continue reading of heart and mind

A Shocking Structural Setback

Sometimes history comes in overload. So it has been the last months, weeks.. Joke and I circled North America yet again, all the while glued to our internet news screens for all the hourly tidbits coming through on the presidential elections. Right up to its shocking end and ongoing aftermath. Some of you might say: … Continue reading A Shocking Structural Setback

Cancer, the Greeks, and the Need for Re-integration

sometimes, like now, it feels impossible to write.. I am in the Bushveld, where my mother lives we had a week of family togetherness, all four children with their families (and I with Joke) coming from far and away to celebrate my mother’s birthday also to face my mother’s illness. my father died from cancer … Continue reading Cancer, the Greeks, and the Need for Re-integration