dirty soils and secrets

emotional heap-ups. intense moments, coming and going. each one worthy of a book, a song, a speech, a plan of action. and yet our lives stream on. burning to say something. not knowing how and where. social media. online subscription post. newsletter. stage.. well, now the moment has arrived. just to say. say it all, say it all since the time of Brett Kavanaugh...

The Upsurge of the Feminine

Dear all I just finished reading Joke’s newest short story. I had to cry and cry and cry. This is no selling point for the talents of my life-partner. It is sharing with you how I am moved by yet another woman. It is a personal sample of how the feminine can and is moving … Continue reading The Upsurge of the Feminine

Cancer, the Greeks, and the Need for Re-integration

sometimes, like now, it feels impossible to write.. I am in the Bushveld, where my mother lives we had a week of family togetherness, all four children with their families (and I with Joke) coming from far and away to celebrate my mother’s birthday also to face my mother’s illness. my father died from cancer … Continue reading Cancer, the Greeks, and the Need for Re-integration