de deur (fragment)

Mira wordt om onbegrijpelijke redenen kwaad op een deur in Kaapstad. Het zet mij aan tot licht ironische gedachten over borstvoeding, schrijven, alcohol drinken.  deur Joke Debaere | 1 Maart 2002 TO READ THE FULL STORY-and  receive regular new releases, as well as many morecatalogued videos, music tracks, writings, visual art, etc go here for … Continue reading de deur (fragment)

those army days (1) “brown” (extract)

in the first delivery of reminiscences of the two years i was conscripted in the South African army, i recount how i romanticized war-making, was ready for war-making and how, within the first days of being a military rookie, my world was turned upside down. by HA!Man | 15 August 2020   TO READ THE … Continue reading those army days (1) “brown” (extract)

about cancer and death and life (follow up)

Perhaps I should start to accept that writing these newsletters have become a rather loaded event for me. I often, through the years, expressed the wish and even promised that HA!News would become more regular. Yet it refuses to. Especially after the last letter on “the Golden Voice” relating the “miracle” of a dramatic turn … Continue reading about cancer and death and life (follow up)