sworn to silence (preview)

Marianne, who works in a South African public hospital. Her whole take on life is confronted when a patient she tends to turns out to be a man who robbed her house a few days before by Joke Debaere | 7 Jan 2020 TO READ THE FULL SHORT STORY and  receive regular new releases, as … Continue reading sworn to silence (preview)

The Heartbreaking Unfairness of Poverty

Dear all I met Nyebho during rehearsals for a theatre play in Grahamstown (now Makhanda), in 2000. I was the live musician for the play. The director picked on Nyebho, or should I say, there was difficulty between them. What I sensed was that he possessed almost an uncontrollable urge to express. He could do … Continue reading The Heartbreaking Unfairness of Poverty

about cancer and death and life (follow up)

Perhaps I should start to accept that writing these newsletters have become a rather loaded event for me. I often, through the years, expressed the wish and even promised that HA!News would become more regular. Yet it refuses to. Especially after the last letter on “the Golden Voice” relating the “miracle” of a dramatic turn … Continue reading about cancer and death and life (follow up)