Die Spook Van Donkergat (extract)

poem and keyboard playing improvised on request from an audience member: the theme given was "die spook van donkergat" (the ghost from Dark Hole) - the title of some Afrikaans radio series of long ago by HA!Man  | 20 July 2018 https://soundcloud.com/francoisthehaman/die-spook-van-donkergat-extr TO LISTEN TO THE FULL TRACK - and  receive regular new releases, as … Continue reading Die Spook Van Donkergat (extract)

your mama, your papa, are fighting their share (preview)

while you just turned two years old, so much is happening, that one day will be a story by Joke Debaere | 31 March 2020 TO READ THE FULL POEM - and  receive regular new releases, as well as many more catalogued videos, music tracks, writings, visual art, etc SUBSCRIBE here view platform