virus-krisis-piessus (voorsmakie)

Mira verjaar en die aarde staan uiteindelik stil met die hulp van 'n piepklein organismetjie. Selfs die heiliges bly nie onaangeraak nie. deur  HA!Man  | 26 Maart 2020 TO READ THE FULL ESSAY - and  receive regular new releases, as well as many more catalogued videos, music tracks, writings, visual art, etc go here for … Continue reading virus-krisis-piessus (voorsmakie)

dirty soils and secrets

emotional heap-ups. intense moments, coming and going. each one worthy of a book, a song, a speech, a plan of action. and yet our lives stream on. burning to say something. not knowing how and where. social media. online subscription post. newsletter. stage.. well, now the moment has arrived. just to say. say it all, say it all since the time of Brett Kavanaugh...