THE NINE PARTS (preview)

explaining the nine parts of a HA! performance on the basis of the "3D analysis" to Joke by HA!Man | 30 July 2017 TO READ THE FULL ESSAY -and  receive regular new releases, as well as many morecatalogued videos, music tracks, writings, visual art, etc go here for more info &SUBSCRIBE

Come play with me (extract)

A typical item during a school performance (Bloemfontein): A willing child plays the piano with the HA!Man on cello. Then a second child has a more extroverted attempt at the piano. No mature music making. But the beginnings of it. by HA!Man | 17 May 2003 HA!Man (Francois le Roux) · Come Play With Me … Continue reading Come play with me (extract)

Yearning to Breathe Free (DVD preview)

a moving visual collection of poems and stories written and told by Chicago immigrants from around the world with soundtrack and live improvisations Brought together and filmed by Cathleen Schandelmeier. Oroginal Soundtrack, Statue of Liberty visuals and DVD editing/production: HA!Man. Live instrument improvisations: Peter Bartels (trumpet), HA!Man (cello) October 2006 More "Yearning to Breathe Free" info … Continue reading Yearning to Breathe Free (DVD preview)