soft arrival of a glimmering hope (extract)

HA!Man (Francois le Roux) · Soft Arrival Of A Glimmering Hope (extract) extract from a live event in Hermanus. opens with atmospheric whistling and echoing bells. this sets the tone for a sensitive roll on strings, which is recorded and replayed, to be joined by the cello. all improvised, of course.  by HA!Man / 30 … Continue reading soft arrival of a glimmering hope (extract)

across the big divide (preview)

twilight images taken while strolling around the Brooklyn side of Brooklyn Bridge, reflective of a love for the country of the big divide: light and dark and rich and poor, great and small. and then, the mighty bridge! by HA!Man | 6 November 2020 TO VIEW THE FULL SLIDE SHOW OF 78 IMAGES and  receive regular … Continue reading across the big divide (preview)

bollesnol (fragment)

oor perde en woordbolletjies, dae van inperkings en die omwalminge van die natuur deur HA!Man | 9 September 2020 LEES DIE VOLLEDIGE GEDIG - en ontvang gereelde nuwe vrystellings, sowel as gekatalogiseerdevideo's, klankopnames, skrywes, visuele kuns en meer klik hier vir verdere inligting enWORD 'N INTEKENAAR

those army days (2) “the rookie roster” (extract)

in the second delivery of conscription reminiscences, i relate some aspects of basic training - a period so stressful that the only refuge i had was to flee into my imagination. what an absurd experience in aid of an unjustifiable cause! by HA!Man | 29 October 2020 TO READ THE FULL STORY and  receive regular … Continue reading those army days (2) “the rookie roster” (extract)

truth distorted (open release)

water colours on an A4 (mostly by 2-yr old Mira le Roux) are taken as the starting point of a series of added visual effects, until the original is completely unrecognizable. with original symphonic soundtrack by HA!Man | 7 June 2020 --------------------------------------- THIS IS AN OPEN RELEASE - HOPE YOU ENJOYED!To  receive regular new releases, … Continue reading truth distorted (open release)