those army days (1) “brown” (extract)

in the first delivery of reminiscences of the two years i was conscripted in the South African army, i recount how i romanticized war-making, was ready for war-making and how, within the first days of being a military rookie, my world was turned upside down. by HA!Man | 15 August 2020   TO READ THE … Continue reading those army days (1) “brown” (extract)

the false split between The Left and The Right

there is a retreat of religion world-wide, but also a rise of rightwing extremism. how to square these, and how to find common ground between Conservatives and Liberals who treat each other like aliens. and yes, why this is a necessary thing to do. by HA!Man / 31 August 2020 the world is split. especially … Continue reading the false split between The Left and The Right

plasticcimo (extracts-medley)

symphonic ensemble moves through a varied landscape of gentleness, rhythmic exuberance and celebration, playing with impure harmonies to depict the sad beauty of abandoned plastics left to play and decorate nature in the wind by HA!Man / 26 July 2020 HA!Man (Francois le Roux) · Plasticcimo Extracts-Medley TO LISTEN TO THE FULL TRACK -and  receive … Continue reading plasticcimo (extracts-medley)

Yearning to Breathe Free (DVD preview)

a moving visual collection of poems and stories written and told by Chicago immigrants from around the world with soundtrack and live improvisations Brought together and filmed by Cathleen Schandelmeier. Oroginal Soundtrack, Statue of Liberty visuals and DVD editing/production: HA!Man. Live instrument improvisations: Peter Bartels (trumpet), HA!Man (cello) October 2006 More "Yearning to Breathe Free" info … Continue reading Yearning to Breathe Free (DVD preview)

IMPROVISATION NOW Part 5 – the structure of flow (preview)

the fifth installment - reflecting on the notion that improvisation is without structure, because it does not start out from an idea, because it is not con-structed. but this is a misrepresentation of what improvisation is, and should be  by HA!Man | 25 July 2020 TO READ THE FULL ESSAY - and  receive regular new … Continue reading IMPROVISATION NOW Part 5 – the structure of flow (preview)