hey dude I’ve got something to tell you!

Dear all

An imaginary conversation I had with “dude” recently

hey dude, I need to tell you something.

dude? who’s your dude?

ag man*, just someone that has an ear right now

I’m your dude, but keep it snappy

ag* thanks. listen, I have this new online thing!

online thing. what do you mean online thing. there are too many online things these days

perhaps, but it will be launched soon, in fact, I am launching it now!


it’s a subscription service

you mean you want me to subscribe

well, only if you’d like to – don’t you want to hear what it’s all about?

not necessarily, unless you’re gonna lock me down on this subscription thing

no, you can subscribe and unsubscribe as you wish

paying some money I presume

yes, $4 per month

that is US?


well, then, tell me more

I’ve been working on this for years, man. in fact the content has been building for more than 20 years! so you can imagine..

what content?

well it’s all artistic


no man, well, ja*, some could be visual art, in fact are visual art items, like drawings, graphics and indeed images of real paintings made

only some?

only some, yes! but you know mos* I am a musician that also writes and draws and films

multi-arty type, you are

jip*, and so is Joke


my very much all-sided partner in life and cr… creativity

so the two of you

yes, her work also features, mainly on the visual and writing side for now

ok, ok, but how does this thing work? what do I get for my $4 each month, each month that I choose to be subscribed, that is

ok, this launch sets a hole new ball in motion. you see, every week there will be new releases, let’s say a poem, or series of poems and a video this week, and next week a new music recording and a series of pictures, and so on – two to four new releases each week

get it, you keep it low so it does not eat too much of my time, right?

good guess

but what if I do have more time?

you will have access to a whole library of items, to be viewed online.

a whole library?

yes, this is where all the years and years of us being creative will become accessible – a library of writings, recordings, visual material and film or video material

sure sure. but why are you doing this. I mean, WHY?

I would like to welcome you into OUR WORLD. this is a world of flowing feeling, of expressions that derives from all our struggles with the world, ourselves and humanity, of our travels, of our relationships and meeting with so many people. of viewing the beautiful and the ugly in a feeling way.. this is the unique world of HA!

what the… HA!?

hard to explain. it’s all about flow, breathing. and impacting on the wider world through this flow

why do I need impacting?

perhaps you do not need it. but since all of life started with the flow of water and we are made up of so much water, the flow of blood and oxygen, the HA! is a flowing way of being creative, a flowing way that wants to contribute to maintaining flow, restoring flow and deepening the flow

you mean, where things do not flow well, the HA! can help?

something like that

you think you can keep on flowing like this, creating new material week by week?

its been happening already for so many years. this is just a way of sharing it all more consistently, and widely

well, look, if I can pay only $10 to enjoy Netflix with its multi-billion dollar budgets, what makes you so good that you can charge me $4?

Netflix has millions of subscribers. economies of scale. but also not so unique. your $4 is more personal, part of a small circle that is not making some people millionaires, but is supporting us to remain active and sustainable. on Netflix you get good stuff and pretty bad stuff too. with us, there will also be good stuff and less good stuff. but in both cases, if it’s not good enough for you, you unsubscribe. always up to you. (I have unsubscribed from Netflix, by the way).

wouldn’t you want millions of subscribers yourself?

no, no no! your see, our work, being feeling-based, is out to touch you, almost literally. touch or move, or flow.. as you like it. but the point is that to have real effect, you cannot have large numbers. besides, you will be able to have personal contact with us, responding to the work, or requesting things etcetera. So we won’t be able to sustain this connecting if there are too many subscribers. no automated machines and algorithms with us.

and no advertisements either?

absolutely not. we pay for the server and web site where the service is located. we do not ride on the back of commercials.

get me more excited

there are three types of new releases: those which are more purely artistic, those who deal with issues of being human, the world we live in and life questions, and those who have more to do with our own lives – our travels and experiences. you’ll always get a mix of these three types.

I am only slightly more excited..

the library has a system of categorization that in itself reflects a philosophy of flow..

now I am less excited

all in all you will be engulfed with a brilliant array of colour, of feeling and tension, of humour and strangeness, of exotic and normal things, a creative companion to infuse your life with reflection and inspiration, even healing

all very good and very broad and rather abstract

it’s hard to say more

you’re not a good salesman

no I am not. but dude, I am dying to share it with you

that I can see

you’ll get a weekly email with links to the newest releases and additions to the library


you pay through Paypal


no obligation

you’ve said that


let me think about it

easy, just follow this link: http://www.hamanworld.com/haworldexperience.html

will do when I do

well, thanks for your time, dude

no problem. pretty cool idea, I must say, hope it goes well for you

I am giving it my all, besides performing and making products. and Joke too. as far as I am concerned, this will be running until the day I am no more.

maybe your child takes over from you

haha, that’ll be up to her. either way, as soon as we deem her ready and she wants to, we’ll share some of her creations too

a family affair?

I don’t want to talk up the future. I only know for myself, that this is here to stay. it had two precursors, one during the nineties when I distributed “The Papers” – all by hand and snail mail, and the other some years ago when Joke and I ran “The HA!Monthly” which was more like an online magazine. This is the third, and I trust, the final and sustainable format, launched on this day. enough said!

sure thing

well, see ya, dude!

yea, maybe I talk to you online soon. what do you call it?

the HA!World Online Experience

aha, yea, that thing. ok, ciao!

ciao ciao

And that concludes my conversation with “dude.”

Welcome to the new HA!News format! And a new era in our way of doing things.

Francois (HA!Man) and Joke Debaere

* South Africanisms

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