Cancer, the Greeks, and the Need for Re-integration

sometimes, like now, it feels impossible to write..

I am in the Bushveld, where my mother lives
we had a week of family togetherness, all four children with their families (and I with Joke) coming from far and away to celebrate my mother’s birthday
also to face my mother’s illness.
my father died from cancer in 1973
my mother has skin cancer. we don’t know how long she still has to live.
but my father died in his youth, leaving four little children behind
my mother had a full life..
and I cannot help to think of the world: our human reality of overpopulation and over-exploitation
will we die of cancer prematurely, in our youth, as a species?

Greece. It is as if the country is eaten up by a monetary system that does not know its boundaries anymore
that does not know that money is made by people, not the other way around
not only is Greece reduced to an economic basket case
a whole culture – a culture that gave us democracy and the wisdoms of Zorba – is reduced to numbers and rules drawn up in glass cages in Brussels..
cancer is the exchange of quality for quantity
of alkalinity for acerbity..
to heal, we need balance. we need re-balancing.
when a country is 50% unemployed, you do not throw it with even more austerity.
whatever the sins of the Greeks, they have paid for it already. Pushing them further down the drain as festering a wound that will return to haunt us all.
but Greece is only one symptom of a whole planet driven by a lust for quantity.
we need rebalancing, a rebalancing that starts in each of us

do I sound as if I do not have hope?
in fact I do have hope.
hope and belief – these things we cannot measure or provide proof for –
yet, without these, we will burn away by the acid of cynicism
my fear that we will all drown prematurely like my father did,
that fear has made way for a belief that we will pull through, even now as we see methane plumes of a kilometre wide flaring up from the melting permafrost
methane is a 50-times-more-lethal greenhouse gas than CO2, and masses of it is waiting to be released into the atmosphere as vast permafrost areas are melting up – as we speak. this alone will push global temperatures up with an extra terrible 1.6 degrees C. But contrary to what I thought before, this would not turn the planet into a fireball. It also remains in the air only for some years and not for centuries as CO2 is doing.
I put my stakes on our survival. I put my stakes on us being shaped into more balanced beings through the calamities that befalls us and will do so increasingly.
I see enough evidence of us waking up all over the place, on all levels. What is happening in Europe is not encouraging, but this will not have the last say. The idealists, purists and extremists will not have the last say. Abstraction will not have the last say. Our presumptuous minds will not have the last say.
I cannot prove this, I cannot. it is an expression of faith.
and with faith, comes action.


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