Tooth Ache

Last month i wrote very firmly about the actions of the multinational Monsanto, sticking my head out, so to speak. I was driven by strong feelings, as are many all over the world, notably recently week in Brazil and Turkey and Egypt – again! – not against this company, but generally against actions of big bodies that act out of touch with the masses that put them there in the first place. In fact, courses of action that causes pain.

Right here by me, Joke was afflicted by severe tooth ache and inflammation, as i have been a number of times in the past – once so severely that i was out of action for two weeks. As many of you can probably attest, such tooth aches cause intense pain. Maddening pain. What to do about it?

One can oppose pain directly: do anything necessary to stop it. Anything. Driven by strong feelings. If Monsanto causes pain, should we then stand up and try and destroy Monsanto? Destroy governments that causes pain, destroy people that causes pain?

The revolutionaries of 18th century France did just that: they destroyed the monarchy that caused the masses to suffer. The king was beheaded and the whole country transformed radically. So it went with the Russian revolution too. But this radical surgery, this rapid victory was soon followed by more pain from a similar oppression: Napoleon became a dictatorial emperor and the Bolsheviks produced the tyranny of Stalin. Similar stories can be told of different parts of the world up to this day. So then, are we to overthrow the reign of the corporations, who are now so powerful that even the power of national governments are subdued by them?

What to do with this terrible tooth ache?

One can oppose it directly by shooting it down with pain killers – killers indeed! This is what i tried with my epic tooth ache. Trouble is that pain is not a foreign entity. It does not arrive from outer space to torment you. It is part of you. Whatever you do to it, affects you too. And that is perhaps why revolutions tend to repeat the tyranny they try to dispel. Because they forget that the oppressors are part of them. Kill the pain and you hurt yourself. Cut away the cancer and you create a vacuum for the next cancer to sprout into. Behead the king and a new despot marches into the lurch.

Pain is a paradox. It at once evokes resistance and is a clarion call to look at a deeper source of illness. Pain is in fact the noise of a healing process – an intense healing process. As my late friend Lisa said of her cancer: the cancer itself is a call to action, a welcoming call even, as it shows the way to a deeper distortion. To kill the pain and to bombard the cancer, is to silence the messenger, and with it, the message itself.

A weakness in a tooth can grow into a crisis, but only if the whole of the body carries an excess of toxins to deposit there. So to respond to a tooth ache, one should cleanse the body from toxins. In this way the inflammation loses its fuel and the weakness can be thoroughly strengthened by the natural healing mechanisms of the body, or to put it more precisely: the body can re-establish its wholeness. The quick and intrusive way is to let the infected parts be removed – antibiotics for the pain and root canal treatment or sommer removing the whole tooth. The longer, more painful and natural way is to nourish and flush the body with all it needs to fight the spread of bacteria and cleanse itself – as a whole, not just the afflicted part. In my case, and as Joke did too, it virtually means going on a water fast and stay in contact with the pain, not running from it. Oil pulls, salt rinses and herbal extracts also helps the process, not hiding or killing it. The result is saving most of the natural tooth and leaving it deeply strengthened, far less likely to be a source of crisis in future again. The bonus on top is a fairly clean body, more alert to future build-ups of toxins.

So if we are the body of humanity, perhaps we should look at a deeper source of the kind of pain Monsanto is causing? If pain is a paradox, we should at once resist it, address it with strong, natural concoctions, like expressing honest feelings, providing simple facts often ignored or twisted and bringing pure greed and power-mongering to book. But at the same time, listen to the clarion call that says that something deeper is afflicted, the source from where these cancerous conglomerates take their root.

What is this deeper affliction that runs by us all? What form does our collective toxic build-up take? Are we ready to face the pain and go for the slow and laborious process of cleansing, or are we simply inventing new ways of shooting down the messenger?

The trouble is, Monsanto is part of us.


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