when the moment reaches eternity

once, my last cello teacher asked me: what are you after when making music? and i said: the eternal moment.

when i play – make a sound – there is a way into the sound itself, there is a way to become aware of the inside of the moment, or the hanging balance of the present. and as you go deeper into it, it starts to touch the very opposite of the moment: eternity. i become aware of the outlines of the moment: my presence here and now, the space surrounding me, the colours, the smells, the presences of other people and every other possible sound coming from elsewhere. all these become raw, become still. and it all becomes the kernel of everything. timelessness enters. eternity. this is a practical paradox: the more you go into, the more you expand. and it is in the delicate inter-space between moment and eternity, that the flow of music can unfold.

eternity cannot arrive one day in the future. one cannot bound eternity to a timeline. eternity is either embraced or lost.

i would like to take this piece of experience, and apply it to global affairs. if the moment is comparable to the individual, and eternity to the whole of humanity, then we can only find a true sense of global healing, if we take the journey deeper into ourselves. for many, there are fundamental divisions amongst humans, so fundamental, that to talk about global healing becomes senseless. these divisions can be cultural, religious, political, or especially economical. my question is that if you find it possible to write off certain parts of the global community, how healthy or whole are you within yourself? don’t you, at the same time, also write off parts of your own humanity?

the current credit crisis is but one of a growing list of global issues that affects all of us. i don’t think there is an argument between whether we should respond to it locally or globally. the response should go in both directions. to achieve this, the starting point lies deep within each of us. this is no escape route, because if you truly dig in and open up, you will touch upon the eternal. the moment will reach eternity.

only healthy individuals can act wisely in our overheated global context.


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