the end of a week in Paris

Hi, everybody

And so I come to the end of a week in Paris. After two months through the United States. The feelings about the States are as always conflicting and complex. So many great people I have come to know there. Always an adventure to drive through. Always a fascination of sorts. Yet, always the feeling that my soul is being sliced off, bit by bit. By the end of a States tour, I am thirsty: thirsty for slowness, for less urgency, for economy, for an easiness about human flaws. And what a boon it was this year, to leave North America for a week in Paris.

A week in Paris! Call me kitch, but my in-love-ness for Paris has not waned at all. My mother’s tenure in this city has ended after a decade and a half, and even though there is the nostalgia of the many visits to her apartment on the outskirts, to me there is nothing like being let loose in this place. Is it my Gallic genes that makes my soul fit here so easily, or is it the romance of artists, painters associated with the place, or is it the amazing flair with which it has evolved over centuries to become one of the finest cities in the world?

Believe me, with all my consciousness about the crisis of western culture, in Paris I become so forgiving of it all!

The romance is probably largely subjective. It is here that my identity as an artist came to closure some 10 years ago.. and it is here, this time, that I have reached a new integration: in the face of our planet facing a crunch, and the incredible challenge to our way of living, I have had activist tendencies up to now, for as long as I still felt that my being an artist needs a reason. Not only a reason, but a direction and official recognition. For eight years – since leaving my backpack days – I lived and worked with the tension between my independent actions and the demands of the music industry. How can I break into it? Will I ever be accommodated in the mainstream? The tension remained as long as I relied primarily on hosts to arrange performances for me.

I have now turned a corner: hence, my focus will more and more be on coordinating events myself, building audiences, bring in collaborators, expanding the scope of HA! events to include more art forms, more means of audience participation and better connection to local communities and contexts. In short, this becomes my focus: the networking of creative events, or HA! events. In this I can pour all my ambition, talents, creative freedom and applications of spontaneity. Whatever comes my side from the industry or main stream, that is a bonus. But in all respects, HA! will now start to stand on its own feet. And in this way also become home to others who would like to tap into it for themselves, or even make a career out of it (like Larha!).

So! No Reason to my career, no Cause to fight for, no Fame to kneel to, but a flowering fountain of creative breathing, a continuous plunge into the playful mysteries of creation, an embrace of rawness, a tapping into generative consciousness and every day a new face on HA! From this, anyone can draw whatever is needed to face death, or to face life. From this, ripples might flow that strengthens our means to survive, or facilitates our ability to just not be aroud anymore. Or, perhaps, to just be.

All grand and very spiritual, even presumptuous you might say, but forgive me. I’m in Paris.

You will hear more about these new plans later. For now, many heartfelt thanks to every one of you who have contributed to fill this year with so many great events, moments of fun and surprise, human warmth, encouragement and accommodation.

Love to you all



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