a european tour
the grahamstown festival
dvd’s of a bbc documentary on nazi germany
too many to absorb, too many to sort
expect for this one droning theme: humanity

the alps
majestic, cold, sharp, clean and beautiful
we drove there, felt the snow, the heights, the picturesque
hitler had his holidays in the alps, waking late in the day, walking, watching movies
and i, i have just woken late in the day, and finished the last dvd

we as artists indulge in the ideal
hitler was an artist. his madness was that he became a painter of the german nation
i once too wanted to be a politician,
but thanks to mandela and a broken prayer, i am now only painting sounds

images at the grahamstown festival

last night i danced with the colours of the rainbow, as lara was drumming away
and mark sampson told us how we all came from africa
– we are all family – all humans only 52 cousins or less removed from each other
– more genetic similarity between an englishman, an indian and an aboriginie
than between two chimps who look much more alike
so no wonder that all hitlerian efforts to segment us have failed
as here in south africa

clogged e urope
images of cars and more cars and more cars
of the burden of regulation
the starvation of soul
and it is from right there that we receive daily knowledge
of our impending doom (time magazine special edition, some months ago)

hitler, and the germans of his time, advanced eastwardly and westwardly
only interested in victory. they had no training in retreat.
and so with steadfast gazes, they worked their own destruction

are we faring any better? glued to images of material betterment, our economies provide no training, no strategy for retreat. everything for us hinges on economic growth, the very seed of our destruction – the point being that global warming is no joke any more.
no allied bombings nor nuremberg trials this time
simply the revenge of nature.

and humanity..

i am burdened by all these images.
i am burdened with the race to keep my own boat afloat
and have few answers
but sound
and the beautiful image of all my 52nd cousins – including hitler –
piercing the heavens like a lonely alpine peak

oh god

are we but an unstoppable wave?


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