why are you not famous yet?

what is happening here?

why, i hear many times, why are you not famous yet? why don’t we know about you? why don’t you have CDs on the shelve? i mean, look at you: travelling around, giving house concerts, visit schools, all on word of mouth and networking, sending out a newsletter.. produce your own CDs, sell them at shows, have only one person assisting in admin.. go to Europe and the USA, again just house events and small venues.. it is getting late into the day! We hear your music and think, but this guy is great! ..should be great by now!

coming to think of it, the same has been said often in the past about my music: you should compose, write it all down..

there is a parallel, i think. My music, being mostly spontaneous sort of “comes out of the ground.” And all i can say now to those (including myself) being frustrated at my apparent hiddenness, is that likewise, my whole career comes, or grows “from the ground.” We are used to think in terms of: “There’s potential! Make something of it!” What happens here, is more like: There is potential, and it is gradually growing into something. The usual approach is mechanical (fast, engineered), like a billboard. The second is organic (slower, natural), like a tree.

all i can then say is, naturally, i communicate my sounds, i communicate my progress and in the flow of things, meet (growing) opportunities.

i trust it more to have my feet on the ground (and you all who share in this, are my ground) than to be hung up somewhere by profiteers for all to see me quicker. i so want my work not just to taste nice, but to feed as well, as real trees do.

thank you for being part of the journey


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