the little camera

at a house event in Stutterheim a song and a poem happened around a small and cute tragedy that befell me just that afternoon. I was driving on a dirt road from Hogsback straight through to Stutt when my car suddenly wanted to turn left on its own. I knew it was the front tire and stopped. Dramatically flat it was. So i took out my little digital camera that i bought for cheap in the US and took a photo of the very flat tire. More [photos were about to happen when another car came towards me. For some puny psychological reason, i did not feel going on photographing my own injured car while others were watching. So i put the little camera on the bonnet and went on to replace the wheel. I had to work against time for a workshop was waiting in Stutt and I still needed to set up. So when i finally got the wheel replaced and all the luggage packed away again, there was only one thing on my mind: get to Stutt! It was only when i wanted to take photos of the lovely house where i was to play that evening (for the event-CD cover) that i found that the little camera was no more. There were two excursions back to the area where i stopped the car with no success in finding it. And so my entrance into digital photography was brutally reversed by my own little slip-up. And i feel full of remorse that a little digital camera could take hold of my heart so easily. I miss it dearly.

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