on TV again..

i was the other day. David Moore from Big Blue Productions Cape Town shot the scenes.. in the Karoo. Sorry i did not let you know in time! I t was such a beautiful piece of work by David and his crew. i look stupid to myself, you know, the way it goes.

you know i have had, musically, quite a formal upbringing. i did never let my ears listen to The Beat. It is quite a thing to grow wider from there. to feel music in more dimensions than just the serious listening one. it keeps me so busy – my mind, my fingers, my toes. in fact, i think i am a bit lost as to what my musical identity is, my preferences are.

but that is not a crisis. i am in africa, and that is not a crisis, too. i read on the history of Africa now, and it is the history (also) of the beginnings of humanity. and it is terribly enriching. and it changes my eyes towards the africans around me.. lots. africans are from the original human stock, you know. whiteys like me are but wandering offspring.

but enough of newsbits. tomorrow will be sunday. i’m sure of it.

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