a normal working day

OK. I’ll do this bit: to tell you about the course of one of may days. It was Thursday ninth of May. Woke up in living room where i slept on mattress with office and studio squeezed between piano and couch. up to cold bath and exercises and then to order tasks for day. tasks being phone about 10 people, e mail also 10, prepare CDs for evening performance, listen to music for Woman of the year and make notes and then a quick dance to more music. draw a graphic for web site. make food and eat. go to Rhodes Uv to play for dance class, go to town to run errands and buy food. see a student on his project to put up a Beckett play. notice the sky, the people, the day. go to rehearsal of play for Grahamstown fest and discuss. quick back to home to eat again and pack computer to record piano event. to Beethoven Room to set up just in time for the audience of five to arrive. after lamentations about bad publicity and busy townsfolk, playing starts. an epic hour of improvisation flows. the five in rapture. all just to find out that i pressed ctrl+R in stead of shift+R. no recording took place. more lamentations. pack up and off to the Reardons for discussion of country and world affairs. back home more emails and to bed for reading on more world affairs. lights out.

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