The Heartbreaking Unfairness of Poverty

Dear all I met Nyebho during rehearsals for a theatre play in Grahamstown (now Makhanda), in 2000. I was the live musician for the play. The director picked on Nyebho, or should I say, there was difficulty between them. What I sensed was that he possessed almost an uncontrollable urge to express. He could do … Continue reading The Heartbreaking Unfairness of Poverty

The Upsurge of the Feminine

Dear all I just finished reading Joke’s newest short story. I had to cry and cry and cry. This is no selling point for the talents of my life-partner. It is sharing with you how I am moved by yet another woman. It is a personal sample of how the feminine can and is moving … Continue reading The Upsurge of the Feminine